Corporate apparel is one of the simplest and most effective ways in which you can extend your corporate image to both employees and customers alike.

What is considered Corporate Apparel?

The term can be applied to any clothing item, from golf shirts to complete outfits. A single article, such as a work shirt or ball cap may be all you need to reinforce your name.

Why Corporate Apparel?

For decades, companies have been using uniforms as a way to create an image. For example, UPS delivery staff wear a signature brown outfit, and Staples employees wear red shirts. Three of the most common reasons to consider a uniform are:

  • Reinforcing your company brand
  • Consistent appearance
  • Build a corporate relationship with employees

Reinforcing Your Brand

Corporate apparel is one of the least expensive advertising tools available. It makes your employees memorable to customers. Casual wear bearing your logo is also subtle advertising that works after hours.


A uniform makes your employees immediately identifiable to customers.  It assures them that your personnel dealing with the public are professionals and represent your business.

Employee Relationship

Employees in uniforms generally feel they are “part of the team” symbolized by a consistent appearance. For employees who may be challenged financially to have suitable daily work wear, an investment in uniforms is a valuable benefit.

Why RAM Promotional?

If you are new to corporate apparel, we can help you decide what’s best for your type of business and find a suitable product from our numerous suppliers. If you have already purchased corporate apparel, ask us about our competitive pricing and wide selection.

Most corporate wear requires embroidery or printing as the final touch. Since we do both in-house, we can provide samples before you buy so you can select the right color, fabric and type.

At RAM Promotional, we know that hardworking people need everyday clothes that look professional and stand up to regular wear and tear.

Large Selection to Suit Your Needs

We carry a wide variety of workwear products to suit your needs. Our selection includes work shirts, shorts, reflective/high visibility clothing, industrial denim, coveralls and overalls, and flame-resistant clothing. We also carry healthcare workwear such as nursing scrubs and other medical attire.

Contact our experts at RAM Promotional and we will help you find workwear that best suits the needs of your business.