Looking for a creative way to attract new customers to your business? There are many ways to do it and promotional products are one of the most effective.

What are promotional products?

‘Promotional product’ is a general term for the thousands of items available that can carry your business name, non-profit cause or unique message. Almost anything you buy can be used: clothing, pens & pencils, glassware, work wear, electronics, etc.

Why use promotional products?

To you, that giveaway pen or key holder may seem unimportant, but the RAM Team will tell you it means much more. The most effective promotional products offer sustained exposure, for months or years. Every time it is seen, it is a reminder of your business or message.

What to choose?

Before you start using promotional products, it is advisable to talk with one of our experts at RAM Promotional. You’ll get a better understanding of how to use them effectively and get the best value for your money. Our team at RAM Promotional have a lot of experience – depend on their knowledge of promotional products to make the right selection.

For information on corporate branding, check out our Corporate Apparel and Embroidery pages.

  • Keep your budget in mind and the number of people you want to reach. If it’s hundreds or thousands, it doesn’t have to  be expensive.
  • Impress important customers with something different. That client that brings in lots of business each year is worth something special.
  • Think of utilization. Promotional items have value when they are seen repeatedly. If it gets filed away in a desk drawer, it loses its promotional value.

If you’d like to explore some ideas on your own, we have a few links to some of our suppliers that can help you get started: